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​New Zealand Fitness is New Zealand’s leading fitness magazine.

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Travel Digest is the leading monthly travel industry publication in New Zealand

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Changing of the guard

After 20 years running Methode Media as publisher and for the most part editor of New Zealand Fitness and Travel Digest magazines, the time has come to step down and pass over the reins. 
I have the pleasure in announcing the new owner of Methode Media is Tatyana Pikhtina - a vibrant source of youthful energy and someone who has been a loyal employee of Methode Media for the past eight years. 
Many of you will be familiar with Tatyana's twists, contortions, and lifts on the exercises of each issue of New Zealand Fitness. Others will have come across her teaching fitness classes in gyms around Auckland. In between this, Tatyana had been keeping control of the accounting and finances at  Methode Media - a role she will continue doing, as well as looking at new online and business development initiatives.
There will be a new editor and I will keep you in suspense until the next issue for you to find out who this will be. 
I have to say, editing New Zealand Fitness has been a very physically challenging time. After interviewing people who complete amazing fitness events, it is very hard not to say: "If she can do that, I can too."
During the past 20 years I have entered and come away with quite a collection of medals. This has included four marathons (Rotorua, Auckland, London and Paris); cycling the Round Lake Taupo Challenge, running the Waiheke Wharf to Wharf event 11 times; trekking along Hadrian's Wall from one side of England to the other; cycling the Alps to Ocean and running the Round Rarotonga Road Race - to name a few. 
During the past 20 years my family have taken a bit of a back seat, particularly when I have been competing in an event or working studiously to meet magazine deadlines. Now it has come time for me to help where I can with a family member who currently needs a lot of help and love. 
Life is not all plain sailing, but I can certainly say editing New Zealand Fitness has been a very personally rewarding, exciting and fun time in my life.
I learnt when I went on an Outward Bound Course a long time ago, where I was put into trying physical challenges, that "I can do anything". It is a philosophy I have carried through in life and one I like to instil in others. It is something I think about a lot and I know this has carried me through marathons and other testing times.
So this is farewell, until we meet again in the gym or on the tennis court, sometime soon. 

Lorraine Thomson 

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New Zealand Fitness magazine gives brands the opportunity to reach active, life-embracing women and men who aspire to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Our readers seek out the latest in fitness gear, health and beauty products to make informed purchasing decisions that will enhance their life and well-being.

Travel Digest magazine is New Zealand's leading [print and online] travel magazine for the travel industry. Showcase your promotions or brands directly to all New Zealand travel industry decision makers.

Advertising manager Melodie Davies has 32 years' experience in advertising and is happy to sit down with you and formulate an effective and affordable marketing campaign that delivers results. We have an in-house graphic designer who can create an eye-catching advertisement.

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New covers

I have just picked up a copy of your New Zealand Fitness magazine, as I saw that you were featuring a column by Fawad Ahadi.  This is the first of your issues that I have purchased, but will certainly not be the last!  I read it cover to cover and was really impressed. 
I have been following Fawad on Facebook and Instagram for a while now and I am sure you will agree that he is one of the most inspiring fitness personalities out there.  He is genuine in his approach and encouraging to all who follow him, regardless of their level of fitness.  I will be looking forward to his next column.
– Amber Oram
Senior solicitor
Buddle Findlay

I really appreciated receiving two issues of New Zealand Fitness. I started on the first one over the weekend (with Kerry-Lee on the cover). I'm impressed as I buy a lot of magazines and to be honest don't read everything inside them, skip through the articles that don't interest me, but there was a ton of reading in these, so very good value for money. I'm starting on the current issue tonight (since there are no decent TV shows on at the moment) and can't wait. Thanks again.

–  Penny Ross

Just want to thank New Zealand Fitness magazine for this great opportunity.  It is an honor to be included in your latest issue. The feedback I have received from many has been overwhelming.

–  Fawad Ahadi
Personal trainer, Next Generation

We received the copy of Travel Digest a couple of days ago. The ad looks good and the story on the Solomon Islands is excellent. Many thanks. A very readable magazine.

–  Joe Entrikin
Zipolo Habu Resort, Solomon Islands

You know your publication (Travel Digest) is my favourite travel rag – always relevant but thought provoking and never the same boring repeated news and I like the editorial style. We all need to hear something positive now and again.

–  Megan Batterton
Travel Managers Group
Onerahi, Whangarei

Hi team, Matt here, I'm the owner of MK Nutrition Systems. I just want to thank you for publishing our Online Coaching editorial with Tee Richards. It looks great and I look forward to working on many more future projects together.

–  Matt Kumeroa
MK Nutrition Systems


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